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Christmas Palm 25 gallon triple 7-8 ft overall


The price per foot is $120, and the minimum purchase is 10 units of this product.

Christmas Palm -7-8 Ft Overall – Triple Delight in a 25-Gallon Package

Introducing Christmas Palm Triple – A Botanical Marvel

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Christmas Palm, a captivating palm species that adds a touch of festive charm to any landscape or garden. Scientifically known as Veitchia merrillii, this palm species is renowned for its ornamental appeal and is often associated with the joyous spirit of the holiday season. With its overall height ranging from 7 to 8 feet, the Christmas Palm stands tall as a delightful centerpiece that will bring cheer to your outdoor space.

Features and Characteristics of Christmas Palm 25 gallon triple

The Christmas Palm boasts a host of distinctive features and characteristics:

Resembling a Miniature Christmas Tree

True to its name, the Christmas Palm showcases a unique growth pattern that resembles a miniature Christmas tree. Its slender trunk, adorned with a crown of feathery fronds, creates a striking resemblance to the festive symbol. The fronds themselves are pinnate, with a graceful arching shape that adds elegance to the palm’s overall appearance. With its festive allure, the Christmas Palm is a joyous addition to any landscape.

Veitchia merrillii – The Botanical Wonder

The Christmas Palm belongs to the scientifically classified species Veitchia merrillii, a botanical wonder that captures the essence of tropical beauty. The genus name, Veitchia, pays homage to the Veitch family, renowned horticulturists who made significant contributions to the field. The species name, merrillii, honors the American botanist Elmer Drew Merrill, known for his extensive work in botany. Embrace the botanical marvel of Veitchia merrillii as you embrace the Christmas Palm.

Other Common Names

In addition to its scientific name, the Christmas Palm is known by other common names, including the Manila Palm or Adonidia Palm. These names reflect its origins in the Philippines and its widespread popularity as an ornamental palm tree. Embrace the diversity of nomenclature as you explore the beauty of the Christmas Palm.

Enhance Your Space with the Christmas Palm 25 gallon triple

Transform your outdoor space into a festive wonderland with the Christmas Palm. Whether you are looking to add a touch of holiday spirit or simply admire its ornamental appeal, this palm species is the perfect choice. With its compact size and eye-catching foliage, the Christmas Palm adds a delightful element to any garden, patio, or landscape. Embrace the joyous vibes and create a festive atmosphere with the Christmas Palm as the star of your outdoor space.

Triple Delight in a 25-Gallon Package

At our nursery, we are thrilled to offer the Christmas Palm in a triple delight package. Each palm is carefully nurtured and has reached an impressive overall height of 7 to 8 feet. These 25-gallon Christmas Palms are a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality, healthy plants that will flourish in your landscape. With three stunning palms in a single package, you can create a breathtaking display of festive beauty.

Unleash the Festive Magic of the Christmas Palm 25 gallon triple

Bring the magic of the holiday season to your outdoor space with the Christmas Palm. Its resemblance to a miniature Christmas tree and its ornamental appeal will fill your surroundings with joy and merriment. Order your triple delight package of Christmas Palms today and experience the enchanting beauty of these botanical marvels. Embrace the festive spirit and let the Christmas Palm become the centerpiece of your landscape.